Delta Between Home & Work Apps

Describe the bug

On my work laptop, everything is how I wanted it, file wise.

On my personal laptop, some files can’t be unarchived, and syncing only works partially.

Can I blow away a local config and resync?

To Reproduce


Expected behavior

Synchronization of files.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: MacOS 11.5.1 (Work)

  • OS: MacOS 12 Developer Beta 5 (Personal)

  • Device: MacBook Pro 13 Intel (Work)

  • Device: MacBook Air 13 M1 (Personal)

  • Version: 0.18.59 (Both)

If you uninstall and completely clear the data from one machine and reinstall, using the same keyphrase, it should resync all your data correctly.

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@imwill HI! Did it work for you?