Deletion of Objects created before 0.21.0 doesn't sync to other devices

Describe the bug
I have objects that where created many many versions before version 0.21.0 via Notion import. If I delete them permanently on one device the deletion doesn’t sync to other devices. Tough deletion for objects as of version 0.18.x (or something in that range; can’t determine exactly) does work and sync as expected.

System Information:

  • Manjaro Linux, Anytype 0.21.1 (old objects deleted here)
  • Windows 10, Anytype 0.21.1 (doesn’t get synced here)
  • Android, Anytype 0.4.0 (doesn’t get synced here)

Additional context
Apparently someone else had the same problem. Deleting app data and logging back in after that seems to have worked but I don’t want to try that yet to see if it can be fixed.


So inside the data folder I deleted everything except for account.key and device.key. My public page with name and profile icon got restores, but also all my deleted notes from the bin are getting restored.

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So are you saying that the notes you deleted from within the bin got restored after your reset?

So it’s been 30 min since the reset. Only 120 notes got restored, I deleted them again.

But in the graph view all the notes are visible and I can open them and edit them.
I opened note from the graph view, sent the note to the bin from within its 3 dot menu, went to the bin and deleted that note but it still shows in the graph.

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Same thing here between desktop and android. I only had the previous version for each though.

I’m having the same issue.

@ichimga Hi! Are you still have this problem in 21.1 version?

Marking it as solved since there was no reply for @Kirill_Lem message
@ichimga / @Inkqb Do update the thread if you face the same issue again with the latest versions of the app