Deleting text before an emoji deletes that emoji instead

What’s The Bug?

This bug applies to emojis created using CTRL + . and not WIN + .
Type some text, add an emoji using CTRL + . at the end of that text
Try to delete the latest letter before that emoji, the emoji will get deleted

How To Reproduce It

Type the following:
Some text :+1:

Put your cursor to the right of 2nd t
Some text| :+1:

Use backspace to delete that t, this is what you will get:
Some text|

The Expected Behavior

To delete the letter not that emoji


PC / Laptop


Windows 11 Pro

Anytype Version

v0.37.18 beta

Technical Information

OS version: win32 x64 10.0.22621
App version: 0.37.17-beta
Build number: build on 2024-01-23 17:45:05 +0000 UTC at #c71c64146c6e721ac39e01d450f38db5e6963f2e (dirty)
Library version: v0.30.12
Anytype Identity: AAi5pJduhfVPGFybxvwfrxfjBmhhyLX4TYz8toHRr1VDCYQc
Analytics ID: 3563472c-ac88-43d4-89f9-224d2db3c0b5
Device ID: 12D3KooWG82T1Rz9BfgKXEWjs2GkEcTxj6d78ndStCuWrJV5sCwQ

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