Deleting Relations


Was wondering how you go about deleting a relation?

Can’t seem to figure it out :slight_smile:


Delete is not available yet, for relations, or anything else. :grimacing: It will become available in the future. In the meantime keep in mind you can’t delete, and if you wind up with too much, there will be an option for a one-time total account reset.

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Another option for now is just to rename the relation to “reuse” it.


Thanks to you I realize that this is now possible! The process is neither simple nor free of bugs, but it’s a start.

I’m still waiting for the possibility to delete them, especially the default ones. :sweat_smile:


Hi @XxxBalCion! Can you please explain how to rename the relations? I cannot find such an option.

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did you ever figure this out? renaming would be an acceptable workaround, I have a few relations that are not being used that I could repurpose to remove some clutter.

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@kira @pavel
Sorry for the late answer! —

  1. Open any set
  2. Add and enable the relation
  3. In the set view, click on the relation you’d like you’d like to rename
  4. Rename and save
  5. Once done, you can remove or disable the relation from the set.

Kindly note that sometimes, the relation won’t actually be updated (renamed) until the new relation is applied to an object (e.g. if the relation you’re renaming is a Date, just add the relation [with any random date] to any object in the set.).


This is a great workaround for now! Thank you!


Delete is now available, but I’m not sure it is for Relations yet. Could anyone confirm?

I just went to my History, selected all and deleted (all I have is test data). Did that a few times. But there are several items that are left which I can’t delete (I select them, click on Delete, but nothing happens). Most are Relations, some of which I created, as well as an Image I created.

I understand not being able to delete built-in Relations (for now), but I thought my own relations could be deleted.

Relations (including your own) and uploaded media, cannot yet be deleted, but created Objects and Sets can be. Currently, the most ideal alternative regarding the deletion of relations, is to rename and reuse the ones you’ve created and no longer need. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, go it! Thanks for that.

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Do we have any idea when this will be coming?

Thanks so much!

Hi @Zhaan, this is the relevant topic:

Sorry for the delay, I answered after this much time anyways so if someone else ends up here it’s easier to find the feature request.


Deletion of Relations will be possible with the Relations restructuring in one of the next releases (Jan 2023 :crossed_fingers:).


Thanks for sharing, it helpful!


Implemented in 0.30.0