Deleting orphan files & objects

I recently switched from Notion to Anytype and its great. I imported my data using the Anytype import feature so I now have a few “top level” pages and from them everything builds up (Subpages from Notion are now separate objects that are linked etc.).

But there is one thing I find very inconvenient: When I delete the link to an object from a page, the object is still dangling around. If you really want to delete the object, you always have to open the object, delete it, go back to the page where it was linked and then also delete this dangling link.
I now now have a workflow to delete remaining dangling objects from time to time by going to my All Objects set and sort by the relation Links to this object so that I can easily see which objects are not linked and delete them if not needed anymore. A little inconvenient, but I understand that this is the way how Anytype works and of course deleting a link should not delete the objects itself.

But what do I do about e.g. pictures that are embedded on a page (and NOT linked)? They are also an object, but do not have the Links to this object relation. To delete them properly I would also have to open the embedded picture as an object, delete this object and then also remove the embedded picture from the page (Curiously, the embed is still there after deleting the object). The only way to find these dangling pictures that were embedded somewhere (where I only deleted the embed and not the object itself) would be to go through all of them in the All Objects set which would be a big pain.

How can I find these dangling objects that are not linked AND also not embedded? Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

I now also noticed something strange. Lets say I make a screenshot and paste it on an Anytype page. This is now an embed. Then I could change the appearance to Show as link. But even then the object does not have the relation Links to this object. It only has this relation if I now manually create a link to this picture, which then also looks different.

The above one is the pasted one and then changed to Show as link, the bottom one is the manually created link to this object.

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Yes, it’s a known issue which should be solved in one of the next releases, when we implement Files as Objects.

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Nice to hear, thanks for the info!