Deleting file kicks me to start page

I don’t know if this is a bug, but its extremely jarring moving a file to the bin and I get kicked back to the home page (which I don’t really ever see myself using). I completely lose track of where I am.


@axeverette thanks for posting! Could you please share the details asked for in the bug template that you get to see when you create a new topic? That helps reproducing and identifying the issue.

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Hi @axeverette!

I agree with @sambouwer that we need more info, because what you describe is not the functionality of the app in my exprience.

No matter from where I move an object to the Bin, Anytype always navigates back to the previous window I had open. For example; if I open an Object within a Set, and then select move object to bin, it resorts back to the Set I was in. If I was in the Favorites pane, open an Object and then move it to bin, it takes me back to Favorites.

If you’re experience something different, please fill out the steps to reproduce it from the original template that was provided, explain what behavior you expect, and what OS and version you are using etc. Also show a short video of what you believe is either a bug or poor functionality.


Hi @axeverette, could you please provide some more information? :slight_smile:

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