Deleting an option in a "status" relation?


By accident I have made both an option called “backlog” and “3_backlog” in the status relation of my Task type. I want to remove one of them, but clicking the “Delete Option” button does not work. I wonder if this is because some old tasks use that option?


Do you know if this is a bug, or just how the status options work? Since we don’t have batch editing it is super hard to remove the “backlog” status from several old tasks :confused:

Thank you!

Which version are you using? Seems like this is a bug in the latest pre-release version. Please write a bug report anyways.

Hm I tried creating a new status, and that one I AM able to delete. But my old I am not able to delete my old “backlog” status. I wonder if this is because it is in use somehow. Not sure what to write for a bug report for this :thinking:

Just write that you can’t delete entries in the tag / status picker or something like that. Also, please share which version you are using.

Ooh, apparently my AnyType wasn’t up to date, although it has asked me if I wanted to update several times. Manually updating fixed this :smiley:

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