Deleting a relation in a (custom) Type

I was trying to create my own type and I added a bunch of relations that I thought might be useful. Once I created a few objects out of the type, I realized I do not need some of the relations. I tried deleting that in the type, but it doesn’t seem to propagate back to the objects, even though the type is not set.

Adding relations to a custom Type propagates to the objects, so that is good. Propagating deleted relations from types to objects might be a nice feature to have, although I understand that there is a risk of data loss because of this. Maybe this is why this feature has not been enabled?

EDIT: I just checked - it looks like any objects created after relations in a custom type is deleted still has all the deleted relations. So it looks like it might be a bug.


Same problem experienced. Clicked on a new relation for testing purposes and cant delete it now

Same bug experienced too :slight_smile:

Thank you for mentioning this, it’s definitely a bug! We will check and fix it as soon as we can

Same bug

Describe the bug

If you create a set for the type ‘Type’, you can add new relations but once it’s added is not possible to delete it. This happens only to defaults types, not user created.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Create a new set for a ‘type’
    1. Go to relations - new relations - add random relation
    1. You now can’t delete the new added relation
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@Kite Same, they get deleted but gets reverted back immediately

Is this bug still present?