Delete/Archive option should also have "Include Subpages" option

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Deleting subpages in each pages is so slow to do. With the current feature, just deleting the main pages themselves does not delete the pages inside it.

Imagine having around 200-ish pages, and each of them have subpages. (Thanks to Notion import😂)

That means users had to go through 200 pages, SELECT, and delete the subpage first before deleting the main page.

Describe the solution you’d like
We can try to have an option just below “archive this page”. It can be a toggle switch button with a label “Include Subpages”.

What it does is that it takes into account to also archive the subpages of the page.

Toggle button should also remember the user’s preference.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Go through each page. Select and delete subpages before deleting pages.

Additional context
None for now.


After trying the new delete function, this would be great to have!

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same problem here. Maybe a solution might be to have the option to delete multiple pages at once. For example select muliple Pages in a set…
would be great, i have deleted a Page with 100 Subpages. :woozy_face:

Workaround => in history it is possible to select multiple pages. => first clear History => go to the set that contains the pages you want to delete => select one after the other => go back to History. Now you can select all - except the Set and delete:-)
Still slow, but better than nothing…


it is very big problem. And how I supposed to remove everything and start over?

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