Delete and Create New Account (and what to do in case of lost Recovery Phrase)

:warning: Please note your Recovery Phrase before attempting any of the below procedures :point_down:

Here is the process to delete your existing account and start fresh. You may want to do this if:

  • You have a lot of irrelevant content in your Anytype
  • It’s become cluttered and disorganized, and you want a clean slate
  • You have lost your Recovery Phrase and no long have access to your Anytype

To Delete Your Account:

Navigate to Settings>Account & Data>Delete Account
Delete Account

  • After 30 days all of your data will be permanently wiped from our Node and can never be recovered

To create a new profile:

  • Save your Recovery Phrase
    Settings>Account & Data>Recovery Phrase

  • Log out of Anytype

  • Select Sign up (instead of Log in)

  • Enter your original invitation code

Create New Account

  • Again, be sure to record your Recovery Phrase that is generated after you create a new profile. Keep it in a safe place. If you lose it, you will permanently lose access to all data in that account.

If you can’t find your invite code or it is invalid:

Our invites codes are valid for up to 5 accounts, so first try to reuse your previous code.
If it is no longer valid: write to from the email address you signed up with .