Delete all content?

Apologies if I missed something obvious - is there a simple way to delete all the Anytype content?

Why would I want to do that, you may ask - well, I was going to bulk import a load of Notion content to experiment with, but after going some understanding of how Anytype works, I’ll probably want to delete it and start afresh.



@ThatGuy Hey! For now it’s not possible, but we are going to release this feature soon.

This is our state for storage & deletion

Release plan


OK - thanks - maybe I won’t import too much after all :smiley:

@ThatGuy We recommend partial importing.

Choose stack of pages that you need a lot and won’t delete after, export and import to Anytype

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Noted - many thanks

How can you select multiple pages/objects at a time to archive? I had the exact same issue with a Notion import that wasn’t as expected, and I want to start fresh too.

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@tangycandy This is not possible yet, but will be added.

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There is now an option to request a totally clean, new account (one-time only), if needed: