Delete a Type and all the objetcs with that type

Hi there!
I want to delete a Type that has a lot of objects inside, and I want to delete also all of them.
The thing is that if I click to delet the type, this popup appears and makes me thing that the objetcs are not going to be deleted. There are 150 or so (I used to track invoices withy Anytype but I moved to a dedicated software, so I want to delete everything). How can I delete all that?



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Hey, you can create a new set by that type , and then delete all the objects in that set. You can then proceed to delete the type from the library.


Cool, thanks!
Worked. I selected by batches all of them (dragging and selecting a bunch, but didn’t work for all at once) and delete.( Is that possible, or maybe I’m just clumsy not being able to select all? haha)

Also, I’m seeing that the documents (pdf) that has those objects are still appearing in my space (when checking storage), so that is still there, and it didn’t go away, why? :frowning: thanks!

You can select up to (maybe 20) objects at this point if I remember correctly.

Yes, unfortunately those work similarly to something like Obsidian where when you add files, you are technically linking them to the object you added and a separate file object is created. At the moment, there is no way to find files that are not linked to anything, but this should change with either our backlinks mvp feature that is supposed to come out soon, or later on with the improvements to the said feature.

For now, you would also need to create a set of files and delete them manually.