Default to non-popup view when window's width is < popupPage's width

If your AnyType window is narrower than 1096px, you lose sight of the Expand (Open as object) and More Options (…) buttons in the upper left and right. The only reason I think this is an issue is because it happens with the window arrangement I use 99% of the time, a vertically split view on a 1920px wide screen.

That’s the most popular desktop/laptop screen width nowadays, and I imagine a split view like this is a popular way to use a digital brain-type app, writing or consulting notes on one side while reading/watching/writing something on the other.

My suggestion is that if the AnyType window is narrower than a popupPage, the popup view is bypassed and it goes straight to the expanded full-window view.

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Don’t know if this was already changed. But my popups seem to go into full-window view. The problem I have with this though now is that the navigation toolbar disappears.

@CoreyVincent Currently, it is a false full view that is displayed in this situation, if you enlarge your window, you will realize that the pop-up view becomes visible again.

Otherwise, I agree with what you said, and personally this false Full-screen view in ultra-minimized window does not bother me, as long, as the UI/UX does not force me to resize the window to be able to navigate in the structure of my data, as it is unfortunately the case right now. This most annoying oversight generates a recurrent frustration.

@triangles So according to you, the problem is still there or as @CoreyVincent raised it would now be solved?

As AyneHancer wrote, the currently implemented way is soving this, kind of. Since there were no replies after AyneHancers last post, I will mark this as solved. Feel free to post here, if it’s not solved for you.