"Default" font color does not remove text colors consistently


If you have a block of text and make, say, a single word red, selecting the paragraph and choosing ‘default’ does not return it to the default color.


  1. Have a multi-word block of text.
  2. Change one of the words to another color.
  3. Attempt to change it back to black by highlighting more than just the one word.


It should turn black.


Windows 10
Anytype 0.32.2

This works fine on Android, so looks like a desktop bug.

@Romi could you make a screen recording of this bug?

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Quick and easy; it ignores it. After some testing, I can sometimes swap the color, but only if I highlight an area that is a single color, and only if I exactly highlight the colored area. If I highlight red + black, ‘default’ does nothing, although ‘blue’ would work fine. If I highlight red + blue, ‘default’ does nothing. It only lets me change it black if I highlight the exact letters of that color.

Bold seems to work inconsistently like this as well, but not when I use ctrl+b.

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Something is very funky with editing this update. I’ve included a video of my attempt to do some simple typing on a bolded field - you’ll have to trust me that at no point am I spamming the left key or anything. At a point it jumps back a character, and then it starts adding spaces, but doesn’t move the cursor along with them.

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I have a very similar bug when editing links. The cursor goes back and forth erratically. I haven’t been able to capture it properly.

observe this issue when one block have different color

After some more testing, it seems that when there’s two types of text - such as bold at the front, like so:

Example: Other text goes here

The cursor skips around while editing that text, the spacebar will not advance the cursor intermittently, etc. This is a consistent and frustrating issue for me.

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I was unable to replicate the issue. Have recorded what I did, but let me know if that is not the exact way you are experiencing the issue

Are you on desktop? I can consistently recreate this.

Eyeballing it, I would say that when typing this way, every 10 characters, the cursor moves back one, and it does not advance as it should with a spacebar press.

Windows 10 desktop.

I wasn’t able to fully re-create what you have.

But I did get a weird result where the cursor does jump back (only for bold section)

(see if you can spot when I realise it)


I can reproduce this bug with a very simple experiment. Version: 0.32.11-beta, Desktop.

Start typing. Paste a URL from the clipboard with Ctrl-v. Select paste as link when asked.

Now, if you place the cursor before the link and write, the character insertion order is scrambled. It is incredibly frustrating. With the cursor after the link, or if paste as text is selected, it works fine.

I have been seeing this since the early betas, I am suprised that this did not get more widely noticed until now.

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@Romi thanks for adding a recoding. Could you create a new bug report for the jumping cursor and paste a link in this topic? Reading the comments, quite some other users experience this in several ways. @Alejandro, @_Aria and @alvar could you tag onto the bug report once created and create a new bug report if it is not the exact same issue you experience?

PS: there are quite a few topics on jumping cursors, but they are all marked as closed either due to a lack of response of OP or because it was marked as fixed.

Edit: I actually came across a similar topic just now and I noticed @alvar already commented there. Could the others also checkout this topic?

I honestly hadn’t realized how far off the original report this got - I spun it off into a new thread before your edit. Alvar’s report is definitely the same issue.

I’m going to edit the first post in this thread to more accurately reflect the issue and keep them seperate.

This is my new thread for the other issue: Cursor jumps around, spacebar does not advance cursor when text formatted

I’m not sure if it can be merged with Alvar’s.

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Thank you so much! I always get distracted when I try to reproduce an issue, and then I find 10 more, and then 10 more… :stuck_out_tongue:


When there is a selected colour for the whole block of text, it is not possible to change certain part of the text to the colour black, because technically there is no black, only a (block) default colour.


  1. Write a few words in a block
  2. Click the block selector and change (text) colour to any colour then default.
  3. Select part of text
  4. Change colour of the highlighted text ← :lady_beetle: It can’t change to black (only change to colour chosen in step 2)


Black as a separate colour for users to choose and thus users can manually change colour without dependency to any default. (Despite being a fan of relation, we probably don’t need a relation for colour :wink::crazy_face:)


No problem on mobile.


Macbook Air M1
Ventura 13.5.2
Anytype Version:
Tech Info:
Build number: build on 2023-08-16 11:07:20 +0000 UTC from at #2815587c8afa3f81e75336226cacecb7fe105e9c(v0.27.21)

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.