Yeah, and it would be great that we can click on URL scheme links from other apps in Anytype…
(ex. omnifocus:///task/oekxb28YaiQ) At the moment, it just opens a new object with the link as the title.

Not great…


After a bit of tinkering around, i discovered that deep-linking is already possible in a limited way:

  • it only works on MacOS
  • it survives a restart
  • No clue about what happens when moving the object
  • I found it only for Sets
  • It requires deep tinkering

If you wanna try it out. Here are the steps to build a link:

  • Open AnyType on MacOS
  • Select Debug → Dev Tools
  • Go to Sources → anytype → src → ts → lib → api → command.ts
  • Set a breakpoint inside of the declaration of const ObjectOpen
  • Click on a link to the desired Set
  • Now objectId should contain the Id of the Set

The URL will then look like this:


Yes, super complicated to get the ID. Hope they add an option for it in the GUI

You can actually turn on Debug -> Flags -> Middleware to see middleware requests/responses and see ObjectOpen request from there or press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + \ and see object id in a popup.

And deeplinks work not only for sets, they work for all routes, for example anytype://main/graph.

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Cool, thank you! Is there an overview what routes do exist?

Here is the list of all routes, auth is for auth pages, main for authorised. Most routes work as main/history/<object id> for example.

Thanks, but not gonna lie i dont understand much of what you guys are talking about. I’m able to get to my homepage with anytype://main/history even tho i dont understand what that means. I’d like to get a link for any of the objects in Anytype, what is the path to, for exemple a page that is in my homepage etc…


See PR Feature/JS-4019: Universal deeplink by ra3orblade · Pull Request #574 · anyproto/anytype-ts (