Deeplinking for external apps

Hi, I just discovered and love Anytype and would like it to talk to my other apps in the apple ecosystem, for which it should be able to

Open outgoing links and so-called “x-callbacks” like this one: x-devonthink-item://8FD2AE63-A8B2–827F-73940CF12132?page=4

Incoming, being addressable from other apps to an object (or even a block), I.e. each object our block should have an identifier that can be pasted into another app as a link.

Is this possible? Or is it in your road map? For when?




  1. enable linking to documents in other apps using links like:




  1. Give every object a unique ID that can be inserted in documents in other apps as a link and used to call upon the object (enable linking to objects and even blocks from outside Anytype)


Same as other apps in the apple ecosystem, like notes, bear, Obsidian, DevonThink, etc.


No one app can solve all problems, so they should be able to “talk to each other”, e.g.

  • link from a reminder or calendar entry to an Anytype object
  • Link from an Apple or Bear or Obsidian note to an Anytype object
  • link from an Anytype object to a DevonThink entry,

I believe you’re referring to: Add deeplinking for every note so that they can be accessed from outside the app

I’m also a staunch proponent of this feature, so if it is the case, please let your opinions be known on the originating post! It will also let the mods know that this request is to be marked as duplicate and merged accordingly.

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This is partially correct, i.e. referring to the part described “Add deeplinking for every note so that they can be accessed from outside the app”. This part could be bundled with the original post.
However, in my post I also addressed the fact that internal links from the Apple Ecosystem to documents in apps like Obsidian, Bear or DevonThink can only be embedded partially, or unreliably. The links then only work on the laptop and not in the iOS application.

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Hey, I’ll change this topic to be about “outgoing” links from other apps since the other case is already covered by the deeplinking post.


Hello Filip @Filip !

I checked my version today by clicking on “About Anytype”… and saw on top of the version number “software that breaks down barriers between applications”…

Applications may mean the way we use it AND “apps” > in the case of url scheme, that would make the statement complete :slight_smile:

EDIT : So pleased to see it was in the US for next developments !

Deeplinking works but it’s hidden because you can open only your documents this way, so if we open it we will have a lot of issues that deeplinks do not work for some people because they are trying to access documents/spaces belonging to someone else.

Another thing is that deeplinks only work on Desktop and do not work in Linux except AppImage.

Example: anytype://main/graph

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