Date display is different than Desktop

Describe the bug

The date information shown on mobile is different than the one in Desktop (by 1 day)

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. On desktop, make an object and set a date relation
    1. Then on mobile, view the same object and the same date relation
    1. The date relation on mobile should be 1 less than the one set on Desktop

NOTE: Date relations created or edited on mobile show correctly for both platforms

Expected behavior

The date relations are consistent between platforms

System Information:

  • OS: Android 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Google Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Anytype Version: v0.2.7-alpha (0.15.32)

Additional context

The dates are only different when created from Desktop and viewed on Android. If the date is modified on Android, it shows correctly on the Desktop version.




Seems to work fine with the iOS app. So maybe just android related.

For me the dates are the same on Android (0.6.1) and desktop (Windows, 0.24.0).

@Evan: do you still experience this on the latest versions of Anytype for Windows and Android?

Yeah, this is still happening on my device.
When I set the date on Android, it correctly shows on Windows.
When I set the date on Windows, the Android date is 1 day less.

Android version: 0.6.1-alpha
Windows version: 0.24.0

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@Evan could you check whether this has to do with the time for these datetime columns? You can make the time visible on Windows by clicking the column header and toggling the “Include time” setting to On.

On Android this unfortunately is not yet possible, but i can imagine that if the timezones on your Windows and Android devices are different, this difference might cause the date to flip to the previous date (just a guess!).

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Thanks for the suggestion!! Here’s what I found

When I set or change a date on desktop, it sets it to the date at 12:00 AM
When I set or change a date on mobile, it sets it to the date at (current time + 4 hours)

If I change the time on desktop to 4:00 AM or later, it correctly shows on mobile.
(Some context: I’m in EDT which means 4 hours less than GMT time.)

The issue at hand: the mobile app uses the user’s timezone, the desktop app uses GMT, no matter where the user is located, which causes discrepancies in the date

This can be fixed by using the user’s timezone on Desktop rather than always using GMT.


@Evan thanks for checking! Would it be OK for you to close this topic in favor of the one you linked as “your” issue will be resolved when the linked issue is resolved.

Good idea. Thanks for your help, Sam!

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