Dashboard on the navigation bar?


Having the possibility to add an icon to the dashboard in the navigation bar (though this could be extended to add or remove anything we want).


Having the option somewhere in the settings.


I find myself very frequently going to the -hidden- side panel to click My Dashboard. Having it in the navigation panel would be faster.


I feel that the dashboard should be more accessible, more than other options with less use in the navigation bar. E.g. the settings in the navigation bar seems unnecessary… how often does people use it? Being available in the menus and the side panel should be enough.

Also, the graph, although I know is cool, I am convinced that some people don’t use it at all. So it’s a wasted spot in the navigation bar that could be replaced for something like the dashboard or a favourite or… whatever.

Having the option to edit the navigation panel would be a great addition.

I realized that i swapped a couple of terms in my original post (still getting used to the vocabulary).
I hope that with the new changes people/devs will understand and agree that this change can have a great impact in the user experience.

This is a nice addition for those who don’t want a shortcut on the sidebar, or those who like to have the sidebar hidden most of the time, and if you want to click using the mouse. It’s similar to the icon with four squares on Android when you have an Object open :slight_smile:

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I’d like to resurrect this topic. Maybe I should change the title to something more general. Now, after a couple of months using Anytype, I am confident of the my personal usage of the navigation bar.

  • Back (High)
  • Forward (Low)
  • New object (Low) -I usually click in the new button or use the /-
  • Graph (Close to zero) -this was nice the first two days, but I don’t see any utility at all-
  • Search (High)
  • Settings (Close to zero) -How often does people change the settings???-

In contrast, everyday I have to go several times to the side menu and click the dashboard. Usage? Extremely high! It would be great to have access to a few things as shortcuts instead of having to waste space/time with the side menu.

Moreover, this seems like a super-fast thing to add, not asking for devs to code like crazy :wink:

Or maybe I can get a custom shortcut!? or just one for the dashboard??? :smiling_face_with_tear: