Dark mode in anytype Community

Does anyone know how to enable dark mode here within the anytype community? My eyes are burning.

I’ve seen the option in the settings panel, however, even with it enabled my interface is not changing.


Currently not supported :frowning:. Discourse does support it, but it has not been setup (yet).

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Ah okay, thanks for the response!

Yeah its kind of a thorn in my side :sweat_smile:

Its because we have a customm css theme that doesnt jive well with discourses dark mode. It technically works but some text is unreadable and all the images in our theme need to be supplemented with dark mode images. So basically we need to build a dark version of the forum from scratch.

I will try to up it on the agenda though!


In the meantime, you can use an extension on your browser in order to have dark mode on every site. It’s called Dark Reader. Check it out :smiley:

For chromium-based browsers:


Thank you @Angelo , no worries on prioritizing it — the idea that @boots provided to just use an extension suffices for now. Much appreciated @boots :pray:t5:

Surely makes more sense to keep the prioritization on the actual platform’s development for now.