Dark mode: Callout block icon does not match theme


Describe The Bug
When using Anytype in light mode, this is what the Callout block looks like in the command menu:

When using Anytype in dark mode, however, this is what the Callout block looks like:

It would make more sense for the block’s preview icon/image, to have a darker background:

To Reproduce

  1. Ensure Anytype is being used in dark mode
  2. Open any Object
  3. Type /callout or click on the dots selector next to any block, and hover over “Text style”
  4. Notice the background colour of the Callout block’s icon/image

Expected Behavior
For the icon to more appropriately match the selected theme (i.e. dark mode).

System Information
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (Version 10.0.19042)
Anytype Version: 0.27.0

Additional Context
The Android (and presumably iOS) icon(s) are appropriately coloured.

This is another example of the problem “is this a bug report or a feature request?”.
In any case I agree with this, making that background at least a little bit darker would be nice. That said, let’s let the team concentrate on more important/core features first.

Hi @kerbless, you have a good point. Reading your post, I suspect you’ve mentioned the Bug Report vs Feature Request problem elsewhere. In general, my (personal) opinion is that whenever you suspect this was implemented in this way on purpose, but you want to see it implemented differently, it is a feature request. If you suspect something was implemented in a certain way but not with the specific intention to cause confusion or dislikes, it is a bug report.

In this specific topic, I think a bug report is valid, because it seems to be unintentionally added with a different styling. Feature parity and platform uniformity are two separate goals (again, my opinion, not to be taken as facts):

  • Feature parity (every feature on every platform) is fueled by feature requests, while
  • Platform uniformity (every feature looks/feels/works the same way on every platform) is fueled by bug reports

Edit: we have an internal topic about this to define the rules we want to “live” by for ourselves, before sharing those as guidelines for other community members.

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