Daily notes

Hi, I just got onboarded in the latest batch.

I’ve been using Roam Research for a pretty long time, and recently also Athens Research.

I really got used to how they, by default, open on a note representing the current day, and you can just braindump whatever you’re thinking about right now, and worry about structure/pages to put it under later. I often use this “daily notes” space similar to how I might use Google Keep, like for ephemeral TODOs (e.g., “buy milk”), or short notes to be better classified later.

It would be nice to have this feature in Anytype, too. Could be a dedicated type, too, like “day”.

Features that combine well with this are:

    • Date picker slash-command that lets you quickly link a given daily page
    • Slash-commands for /today, /tomorrow, /yesterday

Possible duplicate of [56](Quick Add/Inbox feature).

Not really a duplicate of #56 IMO, but a good feature to have. Though not sure the ideal way to implement it in Anytype. They plan to have Templates, so this could just be one type of template, hopefully with variables, e.g.

Title=‘Journal’ %Date

Which would return “Journal 4/23/2021” or whatever for a title, and similar for the body, etc. to format it like you want your daily notes page to be.

This would make it a far more flexible, less rigid, and IMO more useful overall feature. I know there are many people that just don’t use the journal features in Roam, etc. (though I did/do and I’m a big fan of journaling in general). But I imagine many people who don’t use journaling would be happy to have Templates and Variables like Dates to use within them.


A thought, and the current way that I have it implemented, is you can have the links to the daily pages gathered together in a ‘Journal’ page organized in date order such that the most recent day is at the top. I think that as the databases release comes online, that may be the best way to organize that data in a more cohesive way.

If this ends up a default feature, I do think that should be able to be toggled visible/invisible for the user that doesn’t want to see that functionality, or disable/enable for that feature. However, I do see good argument to make that feature a plugin that builds on existing functionality of pages and other relevant objects (i.e. databases).


@agentydragon hey, nice idea!

In the next release, we will pack a template that may solve your problem.

We will add templates like this below. Or you can use your own with relation Date and build your own routine process.

We have more mentions for commands like that and i think we will introduce them a bit later after next big release


@Vova excited to try this out !

@Vova Maybe you can also look at my request here: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1376

Mem.ai has an interesting implementation of both daily notes and a timeline feature that in my view goes beyond Roam and Obsidian, or Remnote’s daily note. It would make Anytype very compelling I think.


It can be implemented similar way as craft does or as a view(eg: kanban, card) in sets(created from dates) with outliner style look and function.