Daily note and clipper a la Mem.ai

I have taken a look at Mem.ai. They are not secure aan everything is happening on their server. However, their implementation of their Timeline - sort of a like a place where you make daily notes, is excellent. Also their clipper that works universally on Mac across various apps including web pages is excellent.

I hope the developers can take a look at their implementation at [Mem.ai](https://https//get.mem.ai) I know that some people also mentioned this on the Telegram channel.

Particularly I like that every time when I return to what they call the Timeline there is a time stamp. And the Timeline also registers what other documents on their platform I have been looking at e.g. Tasks.

Also you can make tasks everywhere and their Task menu will automatically collate all tasks and their status.

But for me Mem.ai is not an alternative since it is not secure and very much cloud based/dependent. Their model is to draw you in at no cost. But after 1 year or so, they will charge and you have created your own barrier to exit.

Yet, it is worthwhile to take a look at their implementation.


As your title is written this is kind of a duplicate of:


However it sounds more like your request is to have a “timeline”, with multiple things interacting with it, like daily notes (notes with associated dates), tasks, etc. I think the latter - a timeline feature - is a great idea. Possibly something more likely to come in a plugin, but a good idea regardless. If you’re able to edit the title of your post you might consider doing so since timeline appears to be the actual focus.

A web clipper has already been requested and is, I believe, intended to be added at some point.



It’s also best to make only one feature request per topic.


I used to have a problem when accessing certain info and or capturing things on screen and on thoughts.

The Web Clipper is one thing that many may have requested but I think we can have a better one that can both do capture things on screen and also call and attach certain data to the active app/input field.

It would be nice to have something like Mem Spotlight across all devices so not only that we can capture & safe for input but also call & attach in any active app/window.

Here is the look at the Mem Spotlight functionality


This concept is linear with Anytype’s narrative that works as the brain does. Like a second brain, it should help to store and call information at will, with ease.


I’m kinda confused whether I need to upvote [this one](Daily note and clipper a la Mem.ai) (since there are two features requested) or make one myself.

So, I decided to make one myself with more elaboration of the particular feature and its functionality.

@Kandanu I am not sure about specifically developing a spotlight feature. Like instantly launching app is possible. For example in windows I use Fluent Launcher to launch an app quickly . In linux we could use something like Ulauncher and quickly open the app. In android widgets will be implemented to quickly capture info.

@Tanzeel098 The reason I requested this is because:

    1. It can replace the web clipper add-ons / extension for practically any browser and apps plugin (office, pdf, etc).
    1. It have a simpler functionality and succinct interface instead of a full window with all options available displayed, in other word, it didn’t obstruct the view of the current screen while able to give a functionality to add, search, and curate.
    1. It call relevant chunk of information inside a page and also bypass a lot of workflow.

I use UELI in windows as launcher (and Alfred in Mac), I still feel it’s not quite like I can make a workaround as implemented in mem spotlight for the reason I mentioned above.

For the mobile, instead of widget, I picture it more like an assistive touch in iPhone or something like messenger bubble in Android.

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@Kandanu Yeah the spotlight feature makes sense now.

About android I really don’t like the bubbles feature.

I think widgets will be a better approach .


@Tanzeel098 Well, some people might like it, and some also prefer the widget. I personally have this kind of idea since I would like to have the ability to do things simultaneously. Something like having a hover over calculator, but for Anytype it’s a hover over note. I can make a workaround with split-screen, but for some cases like when the app doesn’t allow split-screen or when in a video conference when you didn’t have something to write down on the go and want to capture the information without leaving the screen, I think this approach is more functional. The note is still hovering there even when you change between apps, or about to open another app on your homepage.

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I am not referring to the timeline, but to the clipper function which in mem.ai is called spotlight. Its functionality is not limited to web browsers but to anything, you select e.g. in PDF’s.