Customizable Top bar of Objects

Some buttons which we would generally use more from the three dot drop down menu can be made easily accessible by placing which ever accessibility we want in the top bar and rest would stay in the three dot drop down menu!


I believe the shortcut for the Search bar is Ctrl+S, and the shortcut for toggling the lock/unlock state of a page is Ctrl+Shift+L. You can find more keyboard shortcuts under the ? in the lower right corner of the page, then “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

For your “easy access button” suggestion - perhaps a good feature request might be to add a customizable top bar, like in MacOS’s native built in applications and iPadOS 16.

Please try those out and see if the issue is resolved.


ahhh! i didnt know about those keyboard shortcuts! also the customizable top bar is a good feature request, i will edit my request! thank you :smiley: