Custom templates for build-in types disappeared after update


After updating from 0.29.1 to 0.30.0 all custom templates for build-in types (like Task, Company, Article) disappeared.


  1. Create a custom template for build-in type in the version 0.29.1.
  2. Update to 0.30.0.
  3. Open type for which the template was created.
  4. Custom template is not present.


Custom template is in place.


  • OS:
    Windows 11
  • Anytype Version:


It seems that the sync is completed, only the templates are missing.

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Could you try to wait a bit more, or log out and log back in? Finally, you could move the Anytype2 folder (the work directory) to resync your content from the backup node.

I had the same issue and it indeed seemed not all Objects where fully synced/migrated

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The sync is definitely completed, I tried what you suggested as well as the full reinstall. I know the number of objects and checked that all of them are synced.

I found the missing types in the “Template” type, but still can’t see them in types.

I think what’s happening here is my custom templates are still linked to the same Types as before, but now these types are in the Marketplace. If I understand correctly, when you install a type from Marketplace, a copy of this type is created. These custom templates should be linked to the newly created copy, not the original type that is in the Marketplace. I guess this step was missed during the migration.

Here’s the links:

  • On the right is the original type from the marketplace. I can tell it because I can see the disabled “Install” button when I open it.
  • Both default template and my custom template have links to this type.
  • The Company type on the left is the copy of the marketplace type.

Here’s what I see if I click to the Company type from my library:

  • Only default template is linked to this type.

It’s the same for all types with missing templates.

I can’t change the links manually, I think the templates → types links are hidden. I think the only way to fix this from my side is to create new templates, copy content from the old templates and delete them.

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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