Custom relations not displayed on the Library in Windows 10

As the title. My Library:

But I do have custom relations:

Windows 10
Version: 0.31.45-beta

It’s interesting :thinking: I don’t have the same issue on my end. As far as I can tell, all the relations are there. Did you do a clean import? Also, can I ask whether or not your objects have finished syncing? Because I think the indexing is taking some time.

Maybe it’s just the different OS? I did import my library from the legacy version but I don’t have a big library so I think everything finished syncing

Interesting :thinking: Yeah, possibly it could be OS related. I think devs should take a look at it as to why it’s different @Angelo


This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Couldn’t replicate on Windows 11 / AnyType 0.31.51

Hi, @kerbless ! Yeah, this problem appeared on versions 0.31.45-beta and 0.31.44-beta, but does not reproduce on newer versions

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Hi! Sadly I can still reproduce this on my desktop with Windows 10 on Version: 0.31.54.
I can create new custom relations but my existing ones aren’t displayed.

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Existing ones you mean that were on legacy version, but were not imported on 0.31.45-beta?

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No I mean any custom relation that I already have (so many from the legacy version but some from older versions of the new app).

On my other devices (linux, windows 11) I can see my custom relations.
I could try and create a new one on another device and see if it’s visible on windows 10.

Again, if I create a new custom relation on this device (win 10) I can see it:

@kerbless , we have found another issue in our object indexation process, so new release will include the changes that will fix the issue

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Great! :tada:

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I can confirm this is solved on 0.31.62-beta.
If anyone else ends up here, maybe this played a role in solving the bug.