Custom Dashboard Tiles Alignment

Is anyone else seeing the tiles on the dashboard being aligned to the bottom? I’m not sure if this is expected behaviour but it seems more intuitive to have them aligned from the top (and I think this is what we have seen in any demos and videos?)

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Tiles are also aligned to the bottom for me.

I think that it’s the same in the demos :thinking: ? Anyway, I do agree that it is a bit counter-intuitive.

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@clouedoc @bskinner Hello everyone! It’s normal behaviour and the current UI design of the Anytype.

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@Kirill_Lem Maybe an option to select between top and bottom alignment (much like the horizontal alignment within a page) would be a nice feature then if a lot of people like it at the bottom? I would much prefer the top but understand that this is a personal preference

Personally I think the home page should be a user-designated normal page with totally free-form design. There will always be disagreement about top vs. bottom or side alignment or whatever, if something is done automatically. Make it a page and people can do whatever they want with it, and have a far more useful, functional, aesthetic, and personalized ‘home’ page experience.


To better show, what this topic is about I will change it to a feature request, since it’s not a bug and change the title to better represent the topic.