Cursor occasionally jumps back when typing

Describe the bug

Sometimes, when you type a character, the cursor ends up before the character instead of after. If for instance, you are trying to type “dog” and the bug occurs with the “o”, you end up typing “dgo”.


As far as I have observed, it only happens with the page title.

To Reproduce

I’ve found this issue quite difficult to reproduce; there is no way other than just typing until it happens. In the video I’m writing a sentence to make the issue easier to see, but is’s easier just mash the keyboard (careful not to press the arrow keys).

Expected behavior

When I type a letter, the cursor would be to its right so that I can continue typing.


  • OS: Windows 10 Enterprise, version 20H2, build 19042.685
  • Device: Fujitsu Lifebook AH552/SL
  • Version: Anytype 0.17.0

Additional context

My computer is very slow, which might be related to the issue.


I haven’t encountered this issue in Anytype, specifically. But I’m familiar with similar problems in some web tools like Roam when my CPU is taxed. So indeed it might be related to your slow computer. But of course it shouldn’t happen regardless.

@DenizAksimsek Thank you for the notice! It has been added to the bug tracker.

Have you found any workaround? In my case, it happens quite frequently enough that is kinda annoying and disrupts my workflow.

Both on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Android 7.0)

and my laptop (HP Elitebook 8440p, Windows 10).

Both with their respective latest version of Anytype.

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@BrymalDX @DenizAksimsek there is no workaround for that right now, I can only recommend creating smaller pages.

The bug is related to slow device configurations. We will work on performance optimizations next year, but it is not a quick fix.


I’ve noticed that it most often happens to me when writing the title to a new page.


@andrecarrera Second this

I noticed it too, only in page titles and only when the text alignment is left or right. It doesn’t seem to happen when the alignment is centred.

@andrecarrera @Mukanzi @Nicola Thank you for the information! I will check these cases too.

We will try to fix it in the nearest release

Might be related to:

The title of the issue says enter, but the say happens for Backspace, Tab and Enter for me

It also happens, when you insert a new block with the “+” and then dont choose something from the list, but instead type for example “###” and then your text. When the list of formats is closing the cursor jumps to the beginning.


Yeah experiencing this issue in Anytype Desktop (Linux 0.22.3 version )
cursor jumps and we end up typing wrong text …needs to be fixed

Hey! Can you please make a video of that?
We’ve fixed this issue, but behaviour may differ depending on location

This should be fixed?

This is still the status as of today: