Cursor jumps back when pasting text

Describe the bug

Cursor jumps back when you paste copied text.

To Reproduce

    1. Copy some text.
    1. Open an Anytype page.
    1. Hold ctrl+v (or its equivalent) for a few seconds.

Expected behavior

The cursor should always be at the end of the pasted text.


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Version: 0.18.0

Additional context


  • It’s not related to resizing the page.

@BGray Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

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@BGray From my observation the bug seems to have been fixed. Can you please confirm or deny it?

I do not have acess to a computer with Windows 10 or 11 installed. I cannot test it.

Did you had the chance to check this?

I haven’t had the chance, unfortunately. Unless it’s a strict rule that a bug fix has to be confirmed by the OP, I don’t see why this bug report should remain unsolved.

Okay. Thank you for the response. I will mark this as solved. Feel free to write here, if it occurs to you again.

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