Cursor can't be moved by the keyboard to another line - Editor in iPadOS


In iPadOS the cursor can’t be moved by the keyboard to another line. Whenever I want to “access” a different line then the one I just typed text I have to touch the screen to go there. This was different some days/weeks ago. As copy-paste is necessary to get the content out of Anytype into any other app this is exhausting and inconvenient.


  1. Write a few lines and/or paragraphs.
  2. Try to move with the arrow keys into other lines.
  3. Be frustrated.
  4. Still be thankful for this great app.


Using the arrow keys should move up/down the cursor into the line above/below.



iPad Pro 2020 with Apple Magic Keyboard
iPadOS 17.01, bug also occurred in iPadOS 16.x
Anytype for iPadOS v.0.25.1

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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Any update on this? I really like to use AnyType on my iPad Pro. But it’s nearly unusable if you cannot use the keyboard for editing and /-commands.

Good news! There actually is an update.

Moving the cursor into another line works fine with an attached keyboard like the Apple Magic Keyboard - if you stay in your paragraph.

Unfortunately, there’s still no way to jump with the cursor into another paragraph using the keyboard. You still need to use the finger on the screen or the touchpad to do so.

The good news is: If you want to select multiple paragraphs you need to press your finger down for a few seconds. Then you can choose more than one paragraph and copy them to any other app. That one wasn’t possible when I reported the bug.

Anytype is the best app I have ever seen. Even with this feature and some others missing.