Ctrl+s/cmd+s not working for search pane

Describe the bug
Keyboard shortcut for search pane not working most of the time. Clicking the search bar with mouse works normally.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open Anytype
  2. Press Ctrl+S (or Cmd+S on Mac)
  3. Nothing happens

Expected behavior
Search pane opens.

System Information:
Happens on Windows, Linux and Mac Os. Anytype version 0.25.4

Additional context
Sometimes the search does work after doing lots of stuff in Anytype, but no idea what triggers it to work again. After it works once, it works again until I quit Anytype.

I can confirm this. A lot of times it doesn’t work since the new version. Then after working sometimes it does.
Haven’t figured out yet the reason.

I can’t reproduce this on the latest release anymore.
@salle What is your experience with the lastest version?

Hi, it’s working for me also. I’ll mark your answer as the solution.

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