Creation date differs when new page is created from home-screen

Describe the bug

When a new page is created from the home - screen, the creation date is wrong. But when we create the new page from within the set, it is correct

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Create a page from home-screen
    1. Check it’s creation date in the set.
    1. Now create a new page from within the set and check the creation date.

Expected behavior

A new page created from anywhere should have correct creation date

System Information:

OS - Windows 10

Dell Inspiron 7000

Anytype version - 0.19.0

Additional context

Creating new page from desktop
Creating new page from within the set

@Tanzeel098 Is this bug still present for you?

date is correct but there is mismatch in time

9.51 am is correct time but in top bar the time is different

This may be the reason for it:

Edit: just saw the screenshot. Do you mean the problem is, that 24h system is used in the search bar?

No I don’t have any issue with 24hr system … yeah this could be the issue… I just want the dates to be according to my system

Hi @Tanzeel098! Sorry for long reply. Is this issue still relevant for you? I checked it on latest version and I can’t reproduce it. Seems it was fixed

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