Creating new objects from the Link-to-object–UI

Is your feature request related to a problem?
I’d like to be able to create a new object from the “link to object” option. This will allow for a more fluid workflow.

Describe the solution you’d like
That is, when searching for an object to link to, if there is no previous note that I find matches the subject, I’d like that there is the option “create new link to object” in the list.

When clicking on “create link to new object”, I should be able to enter the title of the new object. The object is created automatically, having only a title but no contents. The link to the new object should be written in italics, signifying that the object is “empty”, as a reminder that it is a “stub-object” with no content. The title to the new object should also appear in the graph-view with italics. When entering contents in the object, the links to the object should no longer be in italics.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
By not having this function/option, the user will need to first enter the Link-to-object–UI, and if there is no previous object, then they need to exit the search UI, press on create new note.

Additional context

The above workflow is present in other note taking apps such as Roam research, Obsidian, Tiddlywiki.

People that use apps for knowledge management will over time have written more notes than they can keep in their memory. Because of that, they might create duplicate notes on the same topic. Therefore, it is a good practice to always first search for if you have written a note on a topic, before deciding to create a new note.

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+1 one on this one. As a heavy user of Obsidian myself, I also think having this feature would be a game changer.

Love it. This is already possible via mention menu, we will add it in link to also

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After a year, I don’t think the team is working on it.
I took the liberty of doing so. :slight_smile: (it’s done…)

I’ll see now if I can just as easily add a specific formatting.
It’s considered “empty” when there’s no content, okay by me.

But on formatting, @sambouwer talks about italics. On WIKI, this is often indicated by a red color (as suggested here for mentions : Anticipatory links (or, red links)).

So, red ou italic, (or anything else like underline dotted thin )?


In progress :