Creating my Workspace in Anytype - using relations

This continues from the Telegram Community channel, where people wanted to bring multiple object types under one ‘start page’ per say, to be able to view everything connected to a particular project in a centralized location.

Universe: The industry/niche of work. For eg: Productivity | IT | Fitness etc.
Planet: The specific company/org for which work is being done. For eg: Anytype
Sphere: The area/category the work is being done under. For eg: Community Management, Emails, Blogs etc.

Side note: Universe is something I am not using, but a good use case would be freelancers who work across various industries and want to have a well-structured database to bring work for ‘a particular industry/niche’ together instead of it being distributed across ‘object types’ such as DB of Newsletters, DB of Pages, DB of Projects, DB of Tasks etc.

So, here’s how I have leveraged the power of relations.

I have a set of ‘relations’ called Workspace. Description: All my work is collated under the set itself.

For my needs, I am using relation ‘Planet’ as the structuring parameter. ‘Planet’ is a relation which inputs a text field in my case.

For the purposes of this showcase, I have set-up a dummy planet called Anytype.

And in the filter options, selected all objects that have the ‘planet’ relation set as ‘Anytype’

Side Note: Be sure to use same spelling and typing format, otherwise the DB would not show all objects that contain said ‘relation’. For eg: 'Anytype ‘, ‘Any Type’, ’ Anytype’ would be treated as separate (this is a good thing)

All objects that would now contain the input field ‘Anytype’ in planet would show up et voila! Your start page for a specific project is all set. Now you can add it to favorites for quick access, if you’d like.

Here is what it would look like:

And as you can see, I have multiple object types here:


This looks very simular to my post from yesterday! Nice :smiley:


@Jeroen This is a great set-up as well. Good use of relations!

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I love this idea and will definitely try experimenting with it :grin:


This looks and seems very promising…
I am still trying to wrap my mind around this concept and understand it?
It would be great if there were a video explaining it - I am such a visual learner.