Creating housing leads with Contact Object type


Here is an image of what I created using the Contact object:

I used contacts to create a list of houses for one to rent. It worked relatively well. I used the default relations. I had to be creative in how I entered information to fit the contact object type. Overall, it worked really well. Kept track of the houses, prices, location, etc… I’m thinking about using the same concept for used car listings.

It would be nice to create a notification when the price changed or maybe allow one to create a slideshow with a series of images by simply uploading a series of images. Then, display them in a format that would be easy for one to view. That might be even a discussion for a different part of the forum.

Has anyone else used the Contact object in the same way? If so, what was your most gratifying experience? What was the least gratifying experience? If not, how are you using Anytype to organize information that you would normally use a spreadsheet for?




That’s super cool! Thanks for presenting your idea. I haven’t used the Contact object for something like that but right now I am using similar objects to put together music releases for my label. I’m building mockups of compilation volumes which appear as cassettes, vinyl & digital releases, complete with the album art and playable track lists. I’ll share the library here after the release dates.



Thanks for taking the time to look at the image. I was tentative about adding any personal relations. The documentation is pretty clear on making sure one does not repeat relation and that are unable to delete a relation once it is create.

I could be interpreting that incorrectly. Time well tell. Nonetheless, the contact object did have some relations assigned (social media, and birthday) that didn’t apply to a real estate broker. It was very nice to have a template to work from and simply hide the relations I was not going to use. Great work team Anytype!