Creating dividers removes cursor

Describe the bug

When putting in a line or dot divider the cursor goes missing and you need to manually click below it to continue typing

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to a page
    1. Type something
    1. Go to a new line
    1. Create a divider
    1. Cursor will not be on the page anymore

Expected behavior

I would expect that when the divider is made (especially if created by using typing commands following a /) the cursor should then appear on a blank block below the divider to allow you to continue typing

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: macOS Big Sur
  • Device: MacBook Pro 2017
  • Version: 0.18.1

Additional context

Not sure what would be better behaviour if a block already exists under the divider that you are creating. In my opinion, this should either create a new empty block below with the cursor in it or it should set the cursor to the beginning of the text in the next block. For me, the new blank block works best but I’m not sure what use cases other people can see happening and what they would rather happen here

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@bskinner Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future


I’m having the same issue; when creating a line divider, it becomes impossible to get on the next line with Enter or Down arrow. The only way to do it is to use the mouse.