Creating crystal clear instructional videos

@Charlotte @Angelo The instruction videos have become better, but often I still find the movements on the video screen too fast.I have some suggestions for how you can make better instructional videos. I see too many instructional videos from different software apps that are confusing and as a potential viewer of such videos, I often am not sure if I should watch them. I am often left confused after watching the video. Why is this relevant for me, is a question I often ask and is often not addressed. The software engineers are enamored with the capability, but not how it is serving for me. So here is my list of questions that may be of use when you put together instructional videos.

  1. What problem or need are we addressing in this video for the user? (This addresses the topic of the video)

  2. Why is the problem or need that we address in this video relevant for the user? (This addresses benefits) What will the user be able to do more effectively and or efficiently as a result of watching this video? What are the benefits for the user to watch this video?

  3. What do we want the user to be able to understand? (Addresses cognition)

  4. How do we want the user to feel after watching this video? (Addresses feelings/emotions, e.g., confident, surprised, delighted, etc.)

  5. What should the user be able to do? (Addresses skill)

  6. How should he be able to do it? There may be a sequence the user needs to go through. What is the sequence? Where does the user start and end?

  7. How should he be able to do it? There may be a sequence the user needs to go through. What is the sequence? Where does the user start and end?

Answering these questions prior to making the videos should inform the design of the videos and the text that accompanies the video. I hope these questions help the Anytype team.

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Hi @Haberjr, thanks for your input here - we’re recording some new demo videos now and will keep your ideas in mind. If there are any specific tutorials you would wish to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile:


I do agree! I downloaded Anytype, and realised that it is a very powerful tool but No one tells you how to use it. Most of the documentation is geared towards people who already used similar apps. Both the docu and the clips always stop when the information I search would be. I.e with types what is a document vs a text and how can it be used? What are the two default empty spaces I see on the screen? How can I reorder relations? I feel that the docu barely scratches the surface. Also, all documentation is around “recipes” “to-do lists” and “humans” and this is all I can find in YouTube also. I would love to have that swiss army knife pared with precise and in-depth instructions. What is… What does?.. How can I use…Examples…

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Agreed. For existing users the video help. But if you are new, I feel the videos are too fast. And they don’t state what problems or pain points or opportunities will be explained and why you should care about this. I agree Anytype is very powerful, but it requires care to convey this power.

Agree! The examples should be more real-world… how many people have a movie database on their computer? But I might be wrong.

at least one lol

Even after 2,5 months of daily use and and as a very active user here I must totally agree:
The videos are (mild formulated) “not usefull”.
Less mild formulated: It is a pain to watch them!
They are so much too fast, that I become angry and feel the urge to break up. It’s simply impossible to follow them.

Sorry @Charlotte but I stay to my words.

  • You’re showing what a person in principle can do in Anytype, after he has mastered the use at some point in time (next month or so).
  • But you don’t explain it to a newbie in a way that he can to the sightest degree understand what’s going on.

this is great! Please bear in mind that probably for most users the templates are not useful. Most will probably build from scratch. Building a movie database? You are either OCD or Swiss to do such a thing, but maybe I’m wrong and there are tons of people out there who want to do this.