Creating "Child" Objects -- Pseudo Hierarchy in Anytype

There is no hierarchy in Anytype, as all objects are created equal. So egalitarian :rose: :balance_scale: :rose:

However sometimes you may want to create “Child” objects which are linked to the so-called “Parent” Object. There are different ways to do this, of varying complexity.

Sets of a Type retain inheritance, but they aren’t automatically linked back to the Set they were created in. It can be done 1-by-1, but let’s face it, adding links to every Object is kind of a pain in the :peach::weary:

We’re exploring ways to automate and speed up these processes (like batch-editing), but I’ll share 2 approaches you can do right now that could save you some time.

:one: the simple way:

  1. create an Object (either default Type like “Page”, or your own custom Type)

  2. @mention new Objects on the Page, and + create them inline

This will make a basic link between the “Child” Objects, and the “Parent” Object.
Child Object Page

:two: A dynamic approach is to utilize Sets and Relations:

  1. Create a Set from a Type in the Library

  2. Give that Set a name

  3. Open the Type in the Library and create a Template

  4. In the Template, add a Relation of your choice which sources the Set

Then all Objects of that Type will be linked to a particular Set!

You get something similar with Collections “link to” as well, but like everything in Anytype, “there’s more than one way to cook an egg (and ham)".

You might find an even better approach for your needs, so feel free to share it with the Community!


I can vouch for method number 2. I use it all the time, it’s a life saver! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for sharing @Angelo !

The way I started doing it recently: I use collections as folders. That’s pretty much it :laughing: Each folder is a collection; some of the objects inside are collections (=subfolders) and the other objects are other types if I don’t need further subfolders. And just like in the Windows or Mac file explorers, I have different views for my folders (collection views). It’s worked really well so far!


Same here. I used to struggle with linking objects (no keyboard shortcut), and now I only create objects within collections, which are organized in a hierarchical structure.

That way I don’t have to worry about what object types are (when I started some were “note”, some “page”; and then I found myself experimenting and creating a mess.) But the bigger convenience is that the link is automatically created and I don’t need to think in advance what relations to add to create the connection through a set.

I hope one day in the future I’d be able to batch-edit objects in a collection to add to them particular relations, and then be able to use sets.