Creating a new Status relation and renaming it with different choices


I want to create a “Location” relations so that I can categorise some task. Some are for work, some are for home, some are for errands, etc.

What I did was create a new Status relation, renamed it to Location, and created new choices but when in the “Task Tracker” and I try to enable my Location, it doesn’t show. When I am in a Collection it seems to show. Is it because in a View, I cannot show 2 Status relations? even though I renamed it to Location? is there another way to create a Dropdown Menu relation? or should I use Tags or something else instead?


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Hi @SurpriseCandid8978, welcome to the Community!

Not showing as a column in your Set View, seems like a bug.

Aside from that, I’m trying to understand how you’re expecting this to work. Status tags will only show objects with that particular tag, (ie Started, In-Progress, Done). If you add Location as a status, it will not reveal anything about it, except that it has a Status of “Location”.

There are already 2 pre-installed Relations called Location, one just allows you to add some text (ie. name of a place) and the other allows you to add an Object as the location (le google maps bookmark).

It’s possible to add the pre-installed “Location” relation to a Set view, and then you will see the different places shown in a column, (if it weren’t for the bug :sweat_smile: btw I reported it to our devs).

Just to be sure, can you please share a screen recording of what you’re doing? You can edit your main post and upload it there.


Hi Angelo,

hey, thanks for replying and submitting that bug but … I went back to Set and the location column appeared now. I was trying so many times last night and it won’t show. then I went to work, opened the Windows version and let it sync and it appeared. Now, I am at home and on my Mac and the columns shows as well. so … maybe it’s fixed or user error?

The reason why I wanted to rename a Status relation is because I wanted to use a drop down menu for choices instead of typing it in. I feel Drop Down menus and other UI elements where I have a fixed choice is better, less chance of error. I rather click on something than type it out if I can help it. and the prebuilt Location relation is only for “URL” right? or can I use that for “Home”, “Work”, etc ? I might not want to add a specific GPS. But I will try those, maybe it’ll work.


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I’ve encountered this before also; and considered it a minor bug I just haven’t nailed down enough to submit yet.

When creating new relations, sometimes AT crashes… and sometimes I have to manually restart AT before the newly created relation appears in my library and is usable in views, etc.


thanks, I wasn’t loosing my mind and imagining it.

though it hasn’t happened again, at least not yet.