Creating a New Page creates also an empty block

A little thing thats kind of annoying. Everytime I am creating a new page an empty block is also created. (When I am at the new page and I go back I have an empty block above the new page.)

To reproduce:

  • open a page
  • create a new page in there (new page opens automatically)
  • go back to the first page
  • see if there was an empty block created right above the new page you created

Bug happens on Android alpha 0.1.14 version

@XxxBalCion Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

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This one is solved for creating normal objects. Creating objects per template though still creates an empty block.

Does it still happen for you when using a template? I tried to reproduce it on Linux but there was no additional empty block added.

Yes its still there.

I cannot reproduce this on Anytype for Windows 0.26.21-alpha.

Tested Objects without template (Page type) and Objects with template (task, self-made/custom template)

On Anytype for Android 0.8.2 this indeed happens for both Objects with and without a template

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I think report waited enough to be fixed :smiling_face_with_tear:
Added to tracked


This issue has been fixed by the Development Team.