Creating a new object in set doesn't always focus on the name


when I click button to create a pade in a set, I need to set the name
but when I click button to create a note, it doesn’t need to.
and when I want to create a bookmark, only the first time I click it after open this set works, after that it doesn’t response.


  1. create a new set with note type
  2. try to create new object
  3. Observe the issue


when I click new button, a object should be created and allow to set the name


  • Device:
  • OS:
    windows 11 pro 22H2
  • Anytype Version:
    Version: 0.31.35-beta


in the later part of the video, I try to click the “new object” button ,but nothing happened

Hi @4thHydro, can you check whether the issue you observe is because of the object type? It looks like the expected behaviour if the object type of the set is Note. For a Set of Object type Page I expect you can change the name in the set itself.

Yes, the problem is related to the object type, but I’m not sure it is designed to be that or it’s a bug.
From what I see, I should have same operation logic for most object types when I create them.
I’ll edit my report to make it more clear.

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We’ll let the devs decide on bug vs feature request :wink:

Concerning the note it works fine as notes do not have title, for bookmarks - I will check, this is a bug

Bookmark fixed

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

I was able to create new objects in a set when object type was recipe object but not when object type was a page.

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In my case I was able to reproduce this on:

  • Sets by Relation(s)
  • Sets of “note” object

On all other kinds of sets I could start typing the name as soon as I created the object.
Note that the same happens for both the “New” button and the “+ New object” one.

Os: Windows 10
Version: 0.31.45-beta

P.s. I updated the name of the bug report to better match the issue.