Creating a new linked object fails

I saw a feature request for this, this feature already looks like it’s implemented, however it doesn’t seem to work properly with the following workflow:

Make a new note, by using the e.g. Book template. Go to the author field and type an author that doesn’t exist yet. An option appears “+ Create new object {the new author name}”. Clicking this exists the drop-down and the author tag is empty. The new author is not on the list of potential authors. However, when one goes to the Human category the name appears (in my case usually multiple times, as a result of my repeated frustrated attempts to get this to work).

I would also add that any other workflow seems completely unreasonable to me (e.g. first navigating to the humans category, make an entry for the author, and only then writing the entry for the book)

I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Do you mind providing some screenshots / recordings?

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