Create object from a relation

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When having an object relation in a set, I would like to be able to create an object from the drop down menu that appears when you try to link an object (see image). If possible I would also like to be able to set a default type for that relation.


I have a set for all my notes from lectures. Then I have a relation called Active Recall that links to another object in another set (a set of all objects of type “Active Recall”). It would be really convenient to create the active recall object without leaving the lecture notes. Right now I have to first create the active recall object, then go back to the lecture notes and link it.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Without this I need to create an object and then link it.

Additional context

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I believe you can already do this, although it may not be intuitive. If you click that Object Relation, you get a popup allowing you to “select relation” and there is the “Add” button. If you click “Add”, you get a list of existing Objects. Here’s the unintuitive part: if you type a new name there in the field (which also filters by what you typed), then a new option appears “Create object named…” And that should let you create a new object. However it does not let you select a Type for it without then entering that object, which I think is potentially an unneeded extra step (that shows up in other areas too). That said, I think the core of your request already exists, it just may need to be clarified.

Did I understand correctly?


@Oshyan Thank you very much! Did not now that was possible. Being able to preselect a type for the object would be nice but at least the core is available.:+1:t2:

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@Isak you can upvote this request then :grinning:

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I think you can do that with the relation object type

Closing as the core of the request is already possible, and the other part of the request is a duplicate of the topic linked by @lynxlove.