Create new object in Sidebar

I’d like to be able to create new objects directly in a certain location in my sidebar tree structure.

This is assuming we could customize the sidebar, as per this request:

So if I have my sidebar structured like this:

  • People
    – John
    – Mary
  • Places
    – Norway
  • Trips

I’d like to be able to directly create a new Object for Paul under the folder I named “People”. Or place a new Object called “Oslo” under the Object Norway.

Maybe this could be done via a + icon that shows when hovering over a folder (meaning “Create New Object and place it in this folder in the sidebar”) or over another Object (meaning “Create New Object, link to this one and place it under it in the sidebar”).

By the way, when I click on the + to Create New Object, I expect the new object to simply show up in the main window (instead of as an overlay). Feels unnecessary, though maybe there’s a reason for it.