Create any object with any template from anywhere (with max 3 clicks)


With the plus button in the floating menu, one should be able to create any object with any template.

With favorites as shortcuts and by focussing on a workflow with as few clicks as possible, that can be accessed from a central point that is always there to click immediatly (the plus button in the floating menu), this feature can drastically improve ones workflow.


The plus button is always visible from any screen. If you click it, it should prompt to choose an object. When choosing an object it should prompt you which template to use.

Click by click:

  1. Click plus button
  2. Click object type from shortlist of favorites (and as last option “My Objects”)
  3. Click template and start typing!


All your everyday workflows!

Especially those moments you quickly want to jot something down from the mobile app (in the middle of a conversation for instance).


  • every morning I want to add a Note with template “Journal”
  • at work I want to create either Notes or Tasks quickly, both with template “Work”
  • when commuting I want to create a Task with template “Personal”
  • in the middle of a conversation someone gives me a tip and I want to store that as an item on my Watchlist


On Desktop (0.33.3) it already works almost like this. But there is too many clicks:

  1. Click plus button
  2. Click My types (because typically the shortcuts (Page, Task or Collection) are not the objects I want to create)
  3. Search for or type in the name of the object
  4. Click the object
  5. Click the template

On Android (iOS I don’t know) there is no such workflow. The workarounds:

  • I have one default object type set that is created when I click the plus button, but it doesn’t ask me for a template so that is actually useless.
  • If I navigate to a Set of a certain Object and click “New” there, it does not prompt me for a template.
  • The only uniformal way to create an object with the desired template is to hit the plus button, click “Change Type”, search for the type, click it, then select a template. It is very cumbersome.
  • My current workaround: I have an “Inbox” type as my default object that is the simplest object imaginable in terms of relations, which I use to quickly jot something down. I convert it later to the proper type on Desktop. I have to copy-paste the information to a new instance of the desired object/template because when changing the type I cannot use a template.


I wonder why this is not there yet, it would really be a game changer for me.

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  • This one relates to it but focusses very much on the long-press functionality.