Create a set of tagged objets

I suppose the functionality exists but I have real trouble finding it in the documentation.
I’d like to create a set of objects tagged “testTag” but all I can see is set of all tags.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Create a Set with the relation Tag (as you have found), then Filter the Set on the Tag TestTag.

The tag TestTag is a value of the Relation Tag, and so won’t show in the list of Relations

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Hmm, so I suppose it’s not possible to automate the filtering of objects using sets as a parent. I had planned to organize my tagged objects inside of specific sets but I suppose the way to go is to make types and then sets of those types. The issue I have with this approach is that I wanted to have objects showing up in multiple sets based upon their tags which does not seem to be possible to achieve with sets of types. Any idea on another workflow for that? Thanks

I think I understand what you meant now! It need to create multiple sets of filtered tags! Thank you!

Based on your edit, thats right. The fastest rute is set one of those sets with the proper filter and fields and then duplicate as many times as you need while changing the filter to the disered “subtag”.

However, I understand that the confusion in your original post. The screenshot shows Tag - All. Someone would thing that you can change that “all” to something different, like the conditionals in the filters. Maybe it should be removed??

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I was expecting to be able to create a Set based upon a complex query like: objects of type “type” with tags “one, two, three” and created yesterday.
But it seems the philosophy behind the app is a bit more complex.
I’ll get the hang out of it soon I hope :sweat_smile:

I see, what you describe is a filters’ job… But I see how “calling” a Set Type seems already like a filter.
The filters should give you enogh freedom since you can add several constrains (though conditionals are still on the works… :frowning: ).

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