Create a relationship between nested checkboxes

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I like the possibility to nest checkboxes in one another to create tasks and subtask, but as it is now they have no relationship whatsoever.

Describe the solution you’d like

It would be great if a checkbox would be automatically checked when all of its nested checkboxes are checked too. Another great feature would be to have a counter of how many nested checkboxes are there and how many are checked. See the example below.

Additional context

This GIF is an example of how this idea works in org-mode


+1 also the ability to move completed task to the bottom

Just to note, there is a difference between a “checkbox” and a “task” as far as the system is concerned. Not to say you can’t treat a checkbox as a “task” and understandably we all probably want some task features in the system. But the question is whether additional features should be added to checkboxes, in addition to separate (database-driven) task.

Right now “checkbox” is just text formatting, like numbered lists. So asking for this kind of functionality is equivalent to asking for some automated additional behavior on a numbered list, for instance. Database features are no doubt intended to have some deeper functionality, which may include this kind of request. So it’s worth considering whether that would better meet your needs. I understand, though, that it’s nice to be able to have simple tasks just based on checkboxes…