Create a relation to display "how many" objects inside of a collection?

Hello, everybody.

As confusing as the title may sound, what I’d like to do is pretty simple in theory. The following image is meant to, somewhat, graphically represent what I mean.

“Work Notes” is a child collection that belongs to the “Note Sector” father collection.

“Work Notes” contains three other children, which are also collections: “Detalles”, “Horas” and “Ofertas”

Id like to create a relation that displays “how many” of any object is in these collections in order to know, if, for instance, a collection is empty.

The following questions arise:

· How could I achieve this? Any ideas?
· Has my explanation been clear to understand or is it too confusing? It’ll be nice for me to
know for future posts.

Thank you very much for reading this post! :slight_smile:

It may sound unbelievable, but Anytype can’t do any math so far.
Not even simple counting!

We all wish such basic features.
In your case there even wouldn’t be any need for a special Relation. It would be absolutely OK if Anytype could show such a counting of entries in a bottom line of each Collection or Set.

But as I said: unbelievable, but not possible yet.