Crash after clicking "Cancel" in Navigation pane

System Information*

windows 10 enterprise LTSC chinese version.




Describe the bug

click unnormal cause program crashed.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to ‘add new object’
    1. Click on 'any object"
    1. input nothing ,but just click top side “navigation”
    1. then popup one window with two button ,“open” “cancel” “cancel”,then programm crashed.


Yeah can confirm . This happens !

@Tanzeel098 @reachar Thank you for your report! Which version do you use? And please sent logs that the programm saved after a crash.

anytype 0.20.9 ,debug information followed.

[2021-10-19 07:59:13.312] [debug] checkForUpdatesAndNotify called, downloadPromise is null

[2021-10-19 08:09:12.426] [info] isUpdating: false

[2021-10-19 08:09:12.427] [info] Checking for update

[2021-10-19 08:09:12.427] [info] Checking for update

[2021-10-19 08:09:13.318] [info] Update for version 0.20.9 is not available (latest version: 0.20.9, downgrade is allowed).

[2021-10-19 08:09:13.319] [info] Update not available: {

“version”: “0.20.9”,

“files”: [


     "url": "Anytype Setup 0.20.9.exe",

     "sha512": "Xbn1bGwQnVywaWJuWOsSRP0fIPgZ17DbBsypr7gxqM1CoH4rUzEOaO3B5hxpJlbtPadXBSLjAbs+OY0rZ9qXrw==",

     "size": 336912645



“path”: “Anytype Setup 0.20.9.exe”,

“sha512”: “Xbn1bGwQnVywaWJuWOsSRP0fIPgZ17DbBsypr7gxqM1CoH4rUzEOaO3B5hxpJlbtPadXBSLjAbs+OY0rZ9qXrw==”,

“releaseDate”: “2021-10-13T13:08:59.600Z”


[2021-10-19 08:09:13.320] [debug] checkForUpdatesAndNotify called, downloadPromise is null

[2021-10-19 08:12:37.158] [info] MW shutdown is starting, relaunch: false

[2021-10-19 08:12:37.229] [info] MW shutdown complete

[2021-10-19 08:12:37.230] [info] Shutdown, relaunch: false

Describe the bug

Anytype crashes when clicking “Cancel” in the Navigation Pane.

To Reproduce

    1. Open the Navigation pane of any Object
    1. Click “Cancel” (optionally navigate to another object)
    1. Crash

Expected behavior

Anytype should just close the Navigation pane

System Information:

    1. Manjaro Linux on PC | Anytype 0.20.9
    1. Manjaro Linux on Thinkpad | Anytype 0.20.9
    1. Windows 10 on Thinkpad | Anytype 0.20.9

Additional Information

I didn’t find any logs or crash reports in the working directory.

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Possible duplicate of

@lynxlove @HaosGames @reachar @Tanzeel098 thank you for reporting! It will be fixed in the next release.


In case anyone else is experiencing this, hitting escape works in lieu of pressing cancel.

Was marked solved by div3xi.