Craft-Style bulk editing of blocks on mobile

The ability to swipe a block to select it, then slide your finger down (or tap) to select all the other blocks… and then having a “group” button that groups all the selected blocks and transforms them into a new page!


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It feels like there are really two requests here. One is to have bulk editing of blocks on mobile, the other is to have a “convert multiple blocks to page” function. Does that sound right?

@Oshyan it seems so. However I too would this to be implemented. Also theming for Anytype would be cool

Please create a new topic for every unique feature request.


@Oshyan yes, it is debatable whether this is really two requests. I believe it is two technically, but one functionally.

For example, let’s say I want the ability to select multiple blocks at once — what good would that be if I can’t do anything with that selection like grouping them? If I could only select blocks, but then take no action, is that really even a viable feature request? :joy:

On the other hand, if “grouping” a set of blocks is considered as a separate function than “editing” a set of blocks, then yes this would be separate.

From using craft, it feels like selecting a set of blocks and then choosing any action is a one seamless experience, whether I want to apply a specific font to all those blocks or whether I want to transform all those blocks to toggle lists or whether I want to center-justify all those blocks or whether I want to “group” all those blocks. But I can see from someone who hasn’t used craft, the idea of grouping blocks into a new page may seem like a totally different function…

And lastly, I’ll mention that the ability to select blocks so easily as demonstrated in the screen recording above, and then perform any action, especially grouping, is what makes it sometimes easier to edit in the craft mobile app than the desktop app which is something I can’t say of any other editor, notes, or pkm app I’ve ever used!

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I appreciate the clarification/elaboration!

No, of course not. But this presumes that grouping (or rather, “turn this selection of blocks into a page”, which is arguably different from the concept of “grouping”) is the only multi-select action. Move together (to another location on the page) is another multi-block action, for example.

It is a totally different function. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a “seamless” experience. :grin: Here’s how what you’ve described could be broken down into separate features:

    • Multi-selecting blocks is a separate function/capability in itself
    • Being able to apply formatting to a selected group of blocks all at once is a separate function (that is related to/dependent on multi-select)
    • Being able to transform a set of blocks into an object or relation all at once is its own function
    • Being able to “group” blocks or transform/move them into a sub-page is its own function (that again depends on the ability to multi-select). For example this differs from the idea of “transform each block into its own sub-page/object”, which could be useful for e.g. turning a list of bullet points into a list of full task Types.

Each of those has very different consequences and will involve different areas of the app in development, you know what I mean? There is one that is unique, however, which is that there are quite a few functions that depend on the first, the ability to multi-select. But that’s the only one that is required for any of the rest. Whereas none of the rest “presuppose” or “require” any others. They are separate.

Does that make more sense?

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@Oshyan — Yes, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification and I will keep than in mind for future feature requests :slight_smile:

What would you recommend to amend this feature request?

One more pushback though for good times sake :joy:

Look at this feature request for functionalities related to a web clipper tool —

If we were to create an analogy, wouldn’t the web clipper be the first request like the multi-select function in this request. And then all the other functionalities would have to be separate requests so it would look like this…

    1. Web Clipper
    1. Ability to add tags
    1. Ability to select saved article view
    1. Ability to save to specific page/doc/set
    1. Ability to save highlighted selection
    1. Etc

Btw, I absolutely hope anytype creates the best web clipper of all time! Evernote plus some! :slight_smile:

@spirit Yes, I think if you wanted all those features in a web clipper, it would be ideal to be able to enumerate them clearly, at the least. Certainly a balance needs to be struck, because you don’t want to have to create a separate topic for each one of those ideas. They are possibilities for capabilities of an entire new feature. What you were suggesting here is more of an expansion of existing capabilities, with multiple possible purposes. I’ll certainly admit the difference is not black and white though. :smile:

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@Oshyan I think you should also update it with ipad tag when available.

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Hi @spirit! Regarding your first request for multi-selecting items: this is possible on mobile by placing the cursor in one of the blocks you would like to move.

After which you can select additional blocks and then use the “Move to” option to move this to an existing page.

I suspect you might want to have a button/option add to the “Move to” screen to create a new object from that menu.

You could also use the “Style” option after selecting your blocks of interest for bulk editing those blocks:


I’ve made all three regular texts into headings as an example:

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Yes I see the multi-select block and edit/move request is now complete! Thank you :slight_smile: