Craft like tab feature.

Tabs in craft is wonderful. It would be awesome to use tabs in Anytype. I creating this feature request as I don’t find any after searching it.


Isn’t this the same as these feature requests you already replied to?

Or do you mean different types of tabs? (I haven’t used Craft yet, but will soon)

Also though similar in topic they are quite different in suggestions for reference. I suggested craft’s as a reference. There notion is used for reference. Also if you haven’t tried craft I think you should definitely try to know the experience. I think Anytype(zhanna) mentioned there is not a good UI/UX with a privacy focused application or something similar. IMO what Craft done in UI/UX I think only things 3 can be put side by side. Again these are apps you need to use to know it’s advantages.

Todoist is feature rich and I like them very much, but I use things 3 because it is pleasant to use. Make it attractive make you use them even though they may not be feature rich (there are exceptions though).